The Ruby Freelancers Show 023 – The Time Tracking Experiment

by woody2shoes on August 7, 2012


  • Charles Max Wood (   )
  • Eric Davis (  )
  • Evan Light (  )
  • Jeff Schoolcraft (  )


  • Work, Leisure, Sleep – Time Tracking
  • Things that are business related, but not done in a business fashion.
  • Pre-experiment Estimates
  • Seasonal and Holiday Variance
  • Breaking marketing time out for specific tracking.
  • How often do we do regular time tracking.
  • PO Boxes
  • Self/Professional Improvement Time
  • “Janitorial Thought Work”


  • – (Eric)
  • (Eric)
  • (Eric)
  • (Evan)
  • (Evan)
  • (Evan)
  • (Jeff)
  • (Jeff)
  • (Chuck)
  • (Chuck)


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Rayz September 5, 2012 at 11:49 pm

Nice picks! I’ve tried RecueTime before and it was an awesome app to use. I love Jing too as it has some unique features that allows you to take pictures of your screen but creating videos is what I really loved most. Time Tracking has never been that hard like the tools we used today, it generally changed the methods on how making time management/attendance a lot simpler than using logbooks and notes before. If you are managing a team that telecommutes then the need of using a time tracking software shouldn’t be that easy to choose. You have to make sure that it fits your needs and your workers should also adopt it.


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